30. Emmanuelle Chriqui Born: Montreal, Quebec Claim to Fame: Actor Best known as Sloan McQuewick on Entourage, Chriqui has also appeared on The OC, The Mentalist and in the Adam Sandler comedy, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. Advertisements


20. Stephen Amell Born: Toronto, Ontario Claim to Fame: Actor Amell may be a gifted actor capable of portraying Oliver Queen’s deep inner turmoil as well as his intricate fight sequences, but it’s the billionaire playboy superhero’s shirtless workout scenes that really have us tuning into Arrow every week.


10. Cory Monteith Born: Calgary, Alberta Claim to Fame: Actor His incredible light may have dimmed far too soon but in the short time he did spend in the global spotlight, Monteith touched millions with his incredible heart and beautiful soul. Playing Glee’s dashing yet insecure jock, Finn Hudson, Monteith captured the hearts of viewers, … Continue reading


Ever seen one of those “Most Beautiful People” lists and thought, “I could make a way better list than that,”? Well so did I. Canada isn’t just a land of arctic winters, where the only things we drink are Tim Hortons coffee and maple syrup straight out of the bottle (or tree), where we ride our pet beavers to work and watching Hockey Night in Canada in our frosty igloos is a religious experience. It’s also a country full of some seriously beautiful people. But who’s the most beautiful? That’s what I’ve set out to determine, carefully compiling a list of 100 seriously sexy actors, musicians, models, athletes and other public figures.